Brendan Boyle

Creative Director

Brendan Boyle - Creative Director, Boyle Design Group

“Our main aim is to produce outstanding work for our clients which help to grow their businesses. As creative director, I oversee the studio’s output, and along with our team of experienced, dedicated designers, ensure that our clients vision is present in every aspect of a project. We believe that building strong, successful relations is essential in providing our clients with the best service. View our portfolio of work and call us to discuss your company’s needs and let us show you how great design can strengthen your company.”

Jane Boyle

New Business

“Maintaining the excellent relationships that we have developed over the past 25 years is important to us. We have worked with major clients across a wide ranges of sectors, from technology, retail and financial to legal, engineering and public sectors. As business development director my main role is to foster these relationships, and build new, long-lasting relationships for the future. Talk to me today and we can arrange a comprehensive review of your brand and help your company achieve more.”

Jane Boyle - New Business, Boyle Design Group

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